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Spiritual Magnetism

I don’t believe in the unknown, I believe in the yet to be revealed. Through knowledge, experimentation and many times accidentally, the great mysteries of yesterday become today’s facts.
The moon, the sun, even the air we breathe was once so mystifying to man that we held them in supreme awe; worshipping them and offering up gifts and sacrifices.  To our ancestors, the brilliant orange sphere that rose out of the horizon and scattered darkness, was their source of light. It brought them warmth, healed their bodies, made their crops grow, it was, in their perception, God
And as their God came and went in cycles one day to be called “days”, the once Sun worshiping species known as mankind grew older and wiser. They learn to build fires and suddenly the former “God” in the sky, was now the “God of Fire” summoned at their command. Man’s curiosity and quest to understand “God” continued throughout history. Until the time came when they no longer looked at the Sun as a radiant glowing God but simply as a giant ball of hydrogen and helium that’s 864,938 miles wide, 93,000,000 miles away from earth and has a core temperatures of 27,000,000° F.
What took mankind from being naked, savage beasts worshipping the sun, to the modern day clothed savage beast statistically conquering the sun?
Somewhere in the course of time one person chose to think different than the rest of the crowd. And had it not been for one mind, questioning the current prevailing beliefs of that time, we may all still be worshiping the sun.
We are the ancestors of future generations, when they look back and study us, what sacred beliefs do we hold today that will be their farces and fallacies? Which of our realities will only prove our ignorance? In the millenniums to come, who or what will be their God?
And that’s where my journey began.


It’s no coincidence you’re reading these words, HEIDI. Every thought you’ve ever had every choice you’ve ever made and each little action you’ve performed from the day you were born to this exact moment was designed to bring you HERE.

Where is HERE?

It’s wherever you are standing, sitting or even lying down and reading these words.

Don’t be fooled for a moment that you’re HERE because of some minor insignificant twist of fate; a stranger gave you a card, a co-worker suggested you read this website or, you stumbled upon this blog or maybe you found something sitting in a coffee shop and you were intrigued by So you typed it in the URL box and now you’re HERE.

You are HERE because it’s your destiny to be HERE.

Congratulations, you’ve made it! Out of the seven billion people on this planet, you’ve reached your destiny in life and by doing so, you are about to play an important role in human history. That’s right YOU. The fat, lazy, ignorant, poor, sick, lonely, miserable, pathetic, beautiful, healthy, smart, busy, rich, awesome person you are. This isn’t a joke, nor is it some kind computer or role playing game. It’s better. It’s called a New Way of Life and it’s sweeping across the planet. Just like the pilgrims that came to America to start a New Way of Life, you’re a pilgrim who’s is also about to set off on your own journey. Not only is it going to drastically change your world for the better, but it’s going to change the way humanity thinks, lives and acts. You, your children, grandchildren and most of your descendents are going to experience a Healthier, Happier, Smarter and Wealthier New Way of Life because you are HERE.

Are you ready for this journey?

The answer is Y-E-S! See, if you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t be HERE. That’s the cool thing about why it’s no coincidence that you’re HERE. You’ve been supernaturally drawn to these words, because you are now ready to take the next step up the human evolutionary ladder and become the person you were created you to be. Allow me to explain.

Since the beginning of mankind humans have gone through evolutionary shifts that have resulted in elevating our species to higher and more intelligent beings. Just as you have gone from being a baby who has grown through childhood and adolescent until you’ve finally become an adult, humanity itself is on the same progression path. We began as ignorant, immature Subcreatures that were unable to walk, talk or function in an intelligent and mature manner. Then, somewhere during the course of our evolution, special Subcreatures came along with a greater intelligence, a higher level of wisdom, innovation and creativity and began to think and act beyond the current mindset of their peers. Instead of walking on all fours, they began to walk upright. Instead of grunting and hunting they used their minds and created alphabets and with their hands they planted seeds and harvested crops.  These special Subcreatures and their gifts of languages and tools caused an evolutionary shift that raised humanity from being immature, ignorant Subcreatures to the more intelligent and mature Mediocreatures we are today.

As Mediocreatures, humans were like teenagers. We developed our bodies and mastered our motor skills. We’ve organized into civilizations and established manufacturers for our necessities of food, clothing and shelter. During this ascent, certain special Mediocreatures used their minds and hands to give us their gifts. And because of these gifts, we no longer use horses, carriages and buggies to travel. Today we use cars, airplanes and space craft.  Instead of fire to guide our way and keep us warm, we use electricity. Because of these gifts and many others we’ve progressed up the evolutionary path from wandering tribes to Super Powers and from the Dark Ages to the Age of Technology.

Now at the dawn of the new millennium, we are standing on the cusp of another shift in our evolution. And just as our bodies transformed from crawling Subcreatures to walking Mediocreatures, this evolutionary shift is morphing Mediocreatures into the next stage of our human development. Our bodies will become healthier. Our life expectancy will greatly increase and we will be cable of doing incredible physical feats. But as amazing as this new evolution of the Body will be, it will be our Minds and Spirits that experience the greatest metamorphosis.

Whereas in the past, human development focused on the world outside of the brain; travel, technology, verbal and visual communication, etc., during the new evolution humans will shift their attention to mastering their Minds and the perfecting the skills of their Spirit. And by doing so, they climb the evolutionary ladder to our final stage of human development were we take on the Body, Mind and Spirit of the one True Supreme Spirit and evolve from mere Mediocreatures to become Supremecreatures.

Human evolutionary shifts only happen every ten thousand years or so and it just so happens you’re living at the precise time that one of those shifts are about to occur. Pretty exciting, eh? You’ll also be surprised to know that you have been groomed, trained and prepared to act as a pilgrim and lead humanity up the evolutionary ladder ever since you were born. That’s why it’s no coincidence that you’re HERE. You are a Supremecreature.

That’s a fact. Somewhere deep in your subconscious or maybe even sitting right there at the top of your brain you’ve always been searching for answers, guidance, the Truth, purpose, meaning and most importantly real happiness. Your journey has taken you many miles and have you’ve experienced many ports like school, sex, drugs, relationships, work, money, fame, poverty, marriage, sickness, grief, addictions, religions, loneliness, divorce, emptiness, abuse and sometimes even fulfillment and joy. But at each port you found yourself looking further down the road or over the sea of life in hope that another person, place or thing is going to bring you the peace and happiness you’ve been longing for. Each port had its purpose. But now you’re HERE and while your search for answers, guidance, the Truth, purpose, meaning and most importantly real happiness may be over, your real journey is just about to begin.

But first let me tell you why IT’S NO COINCIDENCE how you got HERE so you’ll understand what you have to do next.

It’s called

Have you ever wondered how a flock of birds can navigate across great distances to arrive at their exact destination?  There are certain creatures like butterflies, fish, locust, caribou, whales and many other species that migrate across both short and long distances to find food, avoid adverse weather and for reproductions purposes. They have no compasses, no GPSs or technology to guide them across vast lands or over great oceans yet they are capable of flying, swimming and walking thousands of miles guided by an mysterious invisible force or internal homing device that takes them to their destination.

Humans possess the same ability. We travel down life’s path guided by an invisible force or internal homing device that takes us to our own destination. It’s called our Spirit. But unlike our Body which is three-dimensional, limited and temporary, our Spirit has many dimensions which are unlimited and eternal. As we begin the new evolution and experience a greater understanding of our Minds, we will witness its other dimensions and unleash the miraculous powers of our Spirits.

Since the beginning of this world, invisible waves have permeated across the earth waiting to be found. Special Mediocreatures discovered and developed these waves and labeled them with names like electro-magnetic waves, radio waves and microwaves. The knowledge and use of these types of invisible waves have caused amazing technologies to be created that have aided in the advancement of mankind. As we move into a new world,  it will be special Supremecreatures like yourself who discover and develop other invisible waves called “Thought” and “Spiritual” waves that will elevate humanity to even greater heights and change the course of mankind.

Just as radio, micro and electro-magnetic waves have always existed; Thought and Spiritual waves have also always been around waiting to be discovered and harnessed for the betterment of mankind. Matter of fact, it’s through our Thought waves that we travel through life and it’s through our Spiritual waves that we stay on course. Just as a bird uses its brain to function and do things like fly, eat and see and depends on its inner homing device to direct it to its destination, humans use our Minds to think, make choices and do actions and follow our Spiritual waves to take us down the proper path of life.

Unfortunately, the majority of humanity doesn’t use their Thought waves properly and are totally clueless to their Spiritual waves, and that is why we have remained Mediocreatures for thousands of years. That’s not a bad thing. Everything has its greater purpose and we were designed to follow a path of gradual evolution. Just as it would be foolish to take a child and put them into a car and expect them to understand how it works and to be capable of operating it, the same holds true with the knowledge of Thought and Spiritual waves. We as humans had to develop and mature, so that we could understand the power of our Minds and Spirits.

Until you came HERE you’ve been ignorant of Thought and Spiritual waves and because of this you remained a Mediocreature. But that’s all about to change because you are now HERE. Your Spiritual waves either drew you HERE or you were drawn HERE by someone else’s Spiritual waves through an invisible force and internal homing device called Spiritual Magnetism. It’s a new word in your vocabulary but its power and presence has been with you all your life, you just didn’t recognize it. It’s been guiding you, nudging you, saving you and helping you ever since you were just an egg in your mother’s womb. On the other hand, the inability to recognize Spiritual Magnetism or the conscious (or even subconscious) decision to ignore it has caused you much misery, pain and grief. The lack of knowing Spiritual Magnetism also puts you in places you shouldn’t be and around people you have no reason to be around.

Let me give you some examples of Spiritual Magnetism that every human experiences on a regular basis, yet they’re totally unaware of why or how these things come about.

Have you ever been merely thinking about a person and then the phone rings and it’s the same person you were just thinking of?

Or maybe you’ve had a bad day. You’re at your wits end, crabby, stressed and frustrated. Then, from out of nowhere, a customer/co-worker/friend compliments you or says something that just makes your day.

Maybe you haven’t seen an old friend in years and something made you think of them and the next thing you know you run into them at the mall or get a friend invite from them on Facebook.

At what person hasn’t ever met at least one person in their life were, just upon meeting, they hit it off with like they’re long lost friends that have know each other for many years, yet prior to meeting they were complete strangers.

For thousands of years these strange “twilight zone” experiences that mysteriously bring people together have been mistakenly called “coincidences”.

But you will see there’s no such thing as “coincidence”. Our lives are guided by a force designed for a greater purpose and those “coincidences” are really supernatural forces pulling two people together as magnets mysteriously attract one another that unites them and makes them stronger, more powerful and …

It’s Spiritual Magnetism that has brought you HERE. Your subconscious and conscious Spirit is about to migrate from one creature of mediocracy to a creature of supremacy. All across the world people are breaking out of their cocoons of Mediocracy and morphing into beautiful, healthy, smart, spiritual Supremecreatures. And they’re doing it because the Supreme Spirit is calling them together for a Great Migration.

I didn't tell anyone about my Money Tree idea gurl, you picked up on my Spiritual waves. Freaky isn't it? It happens to me all the time. You know how some people have natural born talents, they play music or paint like masters but they're only ten years old? Well I have this strange gift of spiritually attracting people to me and that's one of the other projects I pulled out of the hat to focus on this year. It's coming and you're going to be a part of it, and the whole Money Tree experience is proof that it's real!!!!